My 12 Weeks Challenge to Create Good Daily Habits

I Completed My 12 Weeks Challenge for Better Health and Personal Improvement

12weeks challenge for health and self improvement

During the lockdown here in Melbourne, I have taken up my very own 12 weeks challenge to create good daily habits in all areas of my life. I started with one simple habit, and that’s to wake up in the morning during the weekdays and put in any sort of exercises such as walking, high-intensity interval training, abdominals exercises and my favourite 10-minute yoga stretches.

If you are interested to see my 12 weeks challenge in result, please visit the link below where I will recap my journey and how it helped me keep fit and lose over 10 kilos. My thought was why to sit on the couch during our lockdown, instead use this opportunity to lose my belly fat and keep fit and work on creating self-improvement habits.

Below are a few habits I have implemented into my daily routine

30 minutes of reading

I have recently review a book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, who’s been inspiring for the past month to get back into running. The toughest man in America with problems growing up in a nightmare environment, unable to read and overweight. Transform his life around and became an ultra-runner.

David has inspired me to train and work towards my first 50K ultra and hopefully more in the future. Once lockdown is over, I am looking to organise events around running and other activities too.

David Goggins Can't Hurt Me Book Review

Watch the video with my takeaways and what this book is for or read my blog article for David Goggins Book Review on Can’t Hurt Me.

10 Minutes Yoga Stretching YouTube10 Minutes of Yoga Stretching

I have also implemented 10 minutes of Yoga stretching into my mornings which has helped me kickstart the day with relaxed muscles and create my intentions for the day. It’s slow to increase my flexibility and release the aches and pains. 

Why did I start doing Yoga? 



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