Could it be said that you are hoping to add tastefulness and serenity to your home scene? So here we have chosen the best water elements and wellsprings for your nurseries.

Having a drinking fountain in your home brings outrageous excellence and a tasteful shift focus over to the nursery. In the event that you are searching for a water highlight for your nursery in Australia, then, at that point, ensure you pick the right one.

Water highlights add an astonishing focus on the nursery. Not every person has the space for a family room. All things considered, having the best water highlights gives an incredible look, significantly in excess of a pool.

Picking a water include is constantly difficult with regards to the simplicity of the arrangement. Solidness and worth. Isn’t it extraordinary when a specialist prescribes something to you? All things considered, here we go. Today we have brought the main 5 water highlights for you to upgrade and give an exceptional focus on your nursery.

These best water fountains are accessible in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Modern Garden Water Features Sydney, Queensland, or any place in Australia.

Coming up next is a rundown of the main 5 water fountains for your home garden and design.

● Amazonian Rock Fountain
● Amazonian Pot Fountain
● Airlie Wall Fountain

Amazonia Rock Fountain

amazonia rock fountain sydney nsw

● Dimensions: H100 x W70cm x L200
● Materials: Wood with a rock finish.
● Other Notes: No plumbing required, LED Lights
● Price: $1,699

If you want heaven in your garden, then the Amazonia Rock Fountain is the best one. It is one
of the best water features which perfectly suits the weather conditions of Australia.
The Amazonia Rock Fountain comprises low-voltage inbuilt LED lights. In fact, these lights give
it an aesthetic look, especially at night. The manufacturer has given it a rockwood finish. It
provides an amazing, peaceful feel.

The Amazon Pot Fountain

The Amazon Pot Fountain Sydney
● Dimensions: H 99cm-W54cm-D48cm
● Materials: Rock
● Other Notes: No plumbing required, LED Lights
● Price: $599
If you want to give a vibe to your garden, the Amazon Pot fountain is the best one. As from the
name, it comprises pots, which give an elegant look. The wood structure provides an amazing
look. So, if you want a fountain that has a soothing natural feel, the Amazon Pot Fountain is the
best option.


Airlie Wall Water Feature

Airlie Wall Water Feature Sydney
● Dimensions: 1200mm (W) x 1220mm (H) x 450mm (D)
● Materials: concrete, cardboard
● Other Notes: No plumbing is required although required in case of adding it to
the base and under the spouts. LED Lights
● Price: $2,699

Airlie Wall Fountain is an Amazon invention when it comes to an elegant look. The best thing
about the Airlie Wall Fountain is that it creates a drowning sound, which is soothing. In fact, if
you live on the roadside, you will never hear any disturbing unwanted noises. So just make your
garden stunning by adding the Airlie wall fountain.

Anduze Fountain

Anduze Garden Fountains Sydney NSW
● Dimensions: Urn Height – 95cmWidth – 67cm
● Height of the base – 25cm
● 100cm width
● 2300LM pump materials
● : concrete
● Other Requirements: No plumbing is required, except when adding it to the base
and under the spouts.LED Lights
● Price range: $1,489

A beautiful altered concurrent URN fountain is the best water feature that you can get. It has
some of the best and safest features, like preventing water splashing due to wind. It comprises
sleek designs with great quality. It offers a lot and is undoubtedly a great fountain for your

3-Tier Solar Birdbath

3-Tier Solar Birdbath Sydney
● Dimensions: H-102cm W-57cm D-57cm
● Materials: concrete, cardboard
● Other Notes: No plumbing required LED Lights
● Price: $399

Every home at least needs a small fountain to add some elegance to the garden or a home
landscape. The 3 Tier solar Birdbath is the best water feature fountain you can get. It is one of
the best fountains which only weighs 10KGs. The water runs beautifully through the fountain.

Final viewpoints:

Water features and fountains for sale not only add beauty to your garden but will affect your peace of
mind as well. The Ascot Vale Garden Center provides all these elegant water features and

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