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As fitness junky and continue to keep an active lifestyle. I have recently started a lawn mowing and gardening business in Melbourne. Here’s what I found during my journey running a business.

Mowing a lawn has its benefits to keep you moving, and it’s a great cardio session or warms up before I hit the gym. Pushing a mower might seem easy, but it does get you sweating, maybe it’s the Melbourne heat. My brother and I continue to fuel ourselves with water, continue to hydrate our body is essential especially under our Melbourne sky.

I do recommend to you if you own a lawnmower to get out and keep lawns neat and under control, but if you don’t have the time, call Good Mowing team, their info is below.

Lawn Mowing & Gardening
About My Lawn Mowing Business

A family owned and operated lawn mowing business servicing homes in Darebin and Banyule regions; Preston, Reservoir, Macleod, Kingsbury, Thornbury, Rosanna, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Watsonia, Bundoora, Greensborough, Bellfield, Eaglemont, Yallambie & Lower Plenty.

Don’t let it grow

It’s easy to set and forget, with all the sunshine and rain we have been getting, your lawns, grass, hedges and branches can grow significantly and can look ugly and cause hazards to your property. Overgrown grass can overtake your pavement; wild branches can take over your neighbour’s fence – don’t get weird looks, get #1 lawn care and hedges.

Hire a local gardener in your area

At Good Mowing & Gardening, we continue to train and practice our skills and gain knowledge to provide you with the highest standards at the best value. We believe in our techniques and pride ourselves in our craft and carry a passion. Hire your local gardener in your area today.

Our services

Lawn Mowing: Let us mow your lawns and take care of any overgrown grass.
Small Hedge & Tree Pruning: We will cut them back to shape.
– Green Waste Removal: Too many wastes to fit in your green bin?
Lawn Edging Service: You mow your lawns, let us draw a line between your grass and the pavement.


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