Ever think about a self-sustained water feature for your home garden? You can always choose solar-powered water features best suited to keep themselves running efficiently, saving you electricity costs.

So many options are available at our garden water fountain and garden accessories store for you to consider. If the styles don’t fit your liking, we suggest our modern concrete water fountains for your Adelaide property. With plenty of other products that could be perfect for any upcoming do-it-yourself garden projects.

Why should you consider adding water features to your home?

Adding one or two water features in and around our home can increase emotional benefits that will help the body and mind to relax. In addition, a healthier indoor and outdoor environment can genuinely provide a slice of serenity into our lives.

Don’t forget, if you want to put your property on the market, what could be better than attracting prospects with beautiful garden water features such as statues, stone lanterns, bird baths, and even wall waterfalls.

Here are some of our recommendations for solar-powered water features


More options for styles and garden make-over

Garden make-over doesn’t have to big a considerable effort and with a budget. You can design a stylish garden within any budget from $100, add a garden statue to add spirit guidance.

Here are some cute garden water features in Brisbane that can put a smile on your face as you park and walk past the garden.



This exquisitely designed water feature creates a stunning focal point in your garden. As the water trickles from the buckets into the well, it is lit up beautifully by the LEDs, ensuring you can enjoy your water feature no matter the time. Crafted from polystone, you can enjoy the intricate detail for many years.


• LED lights – show off your beautiful water feature any time of the day

• Crafted from polystone, a hardy material to withstand Australian weather

• Fully self-contained – no need to bury an external reservoir

• Arrives with pump and 10m cable, great for the garden or conservatory


• Height: 65cm

• Depth: 41cm

• Width: 72cm

• Weight: 24kg


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